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Atwater Kent Bread Board I.D. Tags


We are offering a set of seven custom made Atwater Kent ID Tags

Price $24.95 including 1st class mail

These are excellent original style reproductions of the Atwater Kent binding post tags, as used on most Atwater Kent Breadboard radio receivers.
They are made of etched brass, with raised lettering, exactly as the originals. These are entirely unlike the reproductions that others offered some years ago, which were flat silk screened tags printed on anodized brass-tone aluminum.
These tags have been made using antique equipment and processes, just as they were made back in the 1920's. The brass surface is coated with a thin layer of corrosion inhibiter, which may be easily removed so that the tags may be patinated to match your set.
We are offering a complete set of seven tags. "Long Ant.", "Ant.", "Gnd.", "A+", "A-B", "+20", and "+B", just as used on the majority of the early sets. These tags are made of the same thickness and alloy of brass stock as was used for the originals, using the same processes and using ninety year old equipment.