Universal Battery Eliminator

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Input Requirements: 
117VAC, 60HZ, 50 Watts 
Internally fused, Three wire power cord provides safety ground to front panel. 
9x8x4 inches, 7lbs shipping weight 
A Supply: 
Adjustable from 1.25 to 6.5 VDC@2.5 amperes continuous, 3.25 amperes intermittently. Less than 1 mv rms ripple at full load. Regulation is provided with an LM350T I.C. regulator. 
Short circuit protection and thermal protection are provided by the I.C. 
B Supply: 
Fixed output voltages: 22,45,67,90,135 VDC up to 60 ma maximum (total) 
Less than 5 mv rms ripple at full load. 
Regulation is provided with an I.C. regulator and a zener diode voltage divider. 
Short circuit protection provided via an electronic current limiter. 
C Supply: 
Fixed output voltages -4.5,-9,-22 VDC up to 20ma rms ripple at full load. 
Regulation is provided with a zener diode voltage divider. 
Short circuit protection is provided with a resistive current limiter. 
Five (5) full years from date of purchase (must pay shipping)

Owner's Manual, Warranty, and Operating Instructions Included.  Wiring diagrams showing proper connections for various battery operated radios such as Atwater kent, Crosley, Kennedy, Grebe, RCA, etc.

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ARBE-III is a solid state, fully regulated, universal power supply designed specifically for use with pre 1930's battery operated radios.  The latest version is now available with added improvements.  We have added a new black anodized heat sink which improves the power handling capability.  Higher quality transformer laminations and improved windings allow peak performance at higher output levels.  Operation at 50 hz is greatly improved and overall heat is minimized.  Notice also that a red neon lamp has been added to show when the unit is turned on.    Three electrically isolated power sources are provided in one self contained unit.   A custom wound power transformer provides maximum flexibility for the power requirements for many different types of older radios.   The "A" supply is fully adjustable from 1.25 to 6.5 VDC and is capable of providing up to 3.0 Amperes continuously (3.25 Amperes intermittently).    The "B" supply provides 5 different fixed voltages which are short circuit proof and regulated.   Total B current 60 ma.  The "C" supply provides 3 different voltages and is also regulated and short circuit proof.  Total C current 20 ma.   The unit comes fully assembled, tested and is warranted for five (5) full years from date of purchase.   Bring that Atwater Kent, Crosley, Federal, Kennedy, RCA or other early battery radio back to life again.   Comes complete with owner's manual, warranty, adjustment tool for "A" supply, connection jumpers and a radio log book.  Wiring diagrams showing how to make the connections for many of the early battery operated radios are available upon request or simply download what you need from the "ARBE Wiring Diagrams" tab at the top of the page.